Boho Chic

Boho Chic

Term ‘Boho’ is the short form of word Bohemian which is used to refer to the lifestyle, culture and now ideology of the hippies of 1960s and 1970s. Initially, the term was limited to 60s and 70s but now is often used for the Pre-raphaelite women of the 19th century.

When we talk about the boho style, we are actually talking about bell bottoms, long flowing skirts, long dresses, loose hair, peasant blouses, crazy prints, bright colors, beads, jewels, fringes and so much more! The whole look and style are colorful, vibrant, and attractive. Even though the complete boho look is still relevant, and popular, most commonly the boho look appears to influence the final look nowadays. Many of the pants, skirts, dresses, blouses, and tops are influenced by the boho style.

Boho style is still one of the most trending styles around the globe which is why it is an important part of the fashion world and fashion brands. The boho style influences several pieces of clothes which include pants, skirts, dresses, even accessories, and jewelry.

Few of the significant elements of Boho style include:

  • Boho dresses often are made up of material such as linen, velvet, chiffon, silk, fur, suede, leather, and denim. 
  • The boho dresses are mainly comfort-oriented
  • The dresses are mostly made more attractive with the use of heavy accessories which include bracelets, sunglasses, necklaces, earrings, jewels, and headbands.
  • They are usually made attractive with the use of crazy and wild prints and patterns on warm colors and natural tones.
  • The dresses are mostly inspired by floral patterns, prints, checks, ethnic designs, and everything else that is loud.
  • Even the dresses are mostly inspired by high-waisted designs.
  • Even if the boho dress is combined with other garments that must not exceed the limit of four especially if the garments added are attractive and catchy.

Basic types of looks created by using boho style dresses

For boho styles dresses, the earthy tones are the fundamental colors that one needs to work with. The perfect boho look is always inspired by the warm shades. The boho looks involving dresses can be divided into three different categories.

  • For an elegant boho look, the dress mainly is made of materials such as mohair, velvet, and knitwear. Jacquard prints are one of the most common prints to be used when working for an elegant and classy look.
  • For a romantic look, long dresses are made of soft and weightless fabrics. The most preferred materials for romantics looks are chiffon and lace. These materials are further complemented with floral designs and decorations, ribbons and even bows. They tend to add a more romantic and dreamy touch to the overall look. The boho romantic dresses are slightly inclined towards vintage looks.
  • Another look using boho style dresses has to be a hippie look. This look merges both the boho style and the hippie style. Not only the styles but the ideologies and cultures are also merged together. The final product usually encompasses both subtle warm tones with vibrant colors and prints. The overall look gives a very girly vibe

Boho Style: Inspired by Folk, Military, and Gypsy

Apart from original boho dresses, sometimes the dresses can be seen to be inspired by folk, military, and gypsy designs and garments. Despite being influenced by various other cultures, the dresses produced are original creating boho looks.

The boho style dresses are not replicas of any other form of style and look but they are always original, individual, and creative. The accessories are always included as the main source of giving the extra edge to the look.

The boho dresses have their own unique characteristic i.e use of multi-layers of fabrics. These multi-layered dresses are mostly topped with over-sized knitted sweaters and a variety of attractive accessories. To make the entire dress and look more catchy, bright handbags are used.

Another distinguishing aspect of boho dresses has to be the color palette. Boho dresses have always unusual color palettes, prints, and patterns to offer to give the final product a very unexpected and unique tone combination. The boho dresses tend to combine both neutral, warm shades with bright catchy colors. This combining of two extremes gives a very weightless and soft look to the entire dress.

How to incorporate boho style into your wardrobe?

IS this the question you are worried about? The easiest way you can incorporate the boho look into your wardrobe is of course through maxi dresses and even maxi skirts. The maxi skirts can be worn with crochet tops, lace tops, oversized knitted sweaters, t-shirts.

Modern Adaptation of Boho Style

Boho style, despite having a rich history, is a form of individual expression in today’s modern world. Many fashion magazines such as Sunday Times published a list of celebrities who are wear clothing inspired by boho style. Few of the mentioned celebrities included Sienna Miller and Poppy Delivgne. They are often seen wearing maxi dresses and ruffle skirts in the hope of looking bohemian. The boho style tends to showcase a very nomadic look on these celebrities which they usually aim for.

Boho style dresses have never been out of fashion. They have managed to surpass time, class, race, ethnicity, color, and fashion in order to provide women the freedom, independence, and aggression they have always worked for. They provide women the freedom of picking their favorite boho elements and mixing them together in order to create a unique piece which represents their personality and the image they want to present.


Boho style gives women the freedom they wish for. It allows them to be free, diverse, and delicate at the same time. Boho dresses, despite years old, still have managed to make it to the 21st century due to their uniqueness and diversity which is why they have adopted by not only the lower class but also the famous celebrities. Not only boho dresses but each and every clothing piece which represents bohemian style has always managed to become a style statement.