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When someone is about to buy clothes from an online store, the main concern is to get the right fit dress for your body. If the dress fits according to your body measurement, then you may be in trouble and wasted the money. One can send outfit back for an exchange, but it is not possible when you are lacking time for completing the exchange process. It is essential to check for size chart or guide carefully before selecting your size. is the best site to shop online from dresses from formal to casual. If you are buying first time from, then wait because they offer two ways to choose your size. In this article, we will eleborateboth ways in details, so there remains no confusion for the customers while choosing a size. 

Few basic steps that lead towards both size selecting ways:

• Go to the web & type; or click on this link and you will be redirect to the main website. 

• Select your favorite category of dress, click on dress item you want to purchase and another page will open. 

• This page will allow a person to choose certain options, add to cart the product and buy it. Here you will find the size chart as well. 

The first way to buying an outfit:

When it comes to select a size, you will find the option of S, M, L, and XL and so on. Right under these options, there will be a line stating “size chart.” 

• Click on the size chart, and a detail size chart will be open.

• The size chart will give you dual option to measure your size in inches or centimeters, in which you are comfortable the most. 

• First see whether you wear size S, L or any else, then find out the measurement in the rows of your specified size. 

• Confirm your waist, bust, and length measurements with the chart to confirm your size. 

• To measure the shirt length, lay down your perfect size shirt on the flat surface or bed. Take measuring tape and measure from the middle of the back neckline to the straight way down to the bottom. 

• Chest size plays an essential part in size measurement. Hold the measuring tape in your hands, crossing over your chest from back to front and note the size in inches/cm. 

• To measure sleeve length, put your shirt down on a flat surface, measure the size from shoulder to end. End of sleeves is different for different outfits because it may be a quarter sleeve, half sleeves or full sleeves. Also, measure the outer edge for perfect fitness. 

The second way to measure your size:

To note your body measurements again repeat the steps mentioned above and click on the size chart. However, remember that for each dress measurement procedure is different. One cannot apply the same measurements for all type of dresses. For example for skirts and mini dresses, one needs more fitting so the measurement should be according to the tight fit. In contrast, when it comes to long dress with the flow, there is no need to measure the hip size. second way to measure your size is for those dresses which are tight on the hips, so one need to mention their hip size as well. In a second way, you will calculate your size and write in the space, instead of matching it with the chart. Here is the way to calculate your size for sexy or club dresses. 

• First, choose the unit in which you want to calculate your size, i.e., inches or centimeters. 

• With the help of measuring tape, measure your bust size by crossing it all over your bust. 

• The next column is to mention your waist measurements for the calculation. 

• The other two essential things to calculate is HIGH HIP AND LOW HIP size. For high hip measurement, put your measuring tape at the top of your hip curve. For measuring the size of the low hip, the measuring should be taken below the hip to get the best-fitted size. 

• Once you are done with putting your size in each blank column, you will see a calculation chart below elaborating each measurement and your perfect size. You will see the indicators of tight and loose and an arrow that moves between the lines to show from where your size is tight, loose or just perfect. In the end, it will give preferred sizes that can go with your body measurements. 

Essential note:

• Whenever it comes to size selection, never select the size according to your assumptions. Always measure the size accurately and say good-bye to guesses. 

• There may be some difference in measurements of about 2 to 3 cm due to manual taking measures. 

So which method you like the most to apply on ?

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