Dresses for special occasion

Dressing holds significant importance when it comes to a person’s personality. Your attire reflects more than you can imagine and makes a significant impact to the surrounding people. People can conclude your personality in addition to judgments about what you wear.

Various occasions demand different attire that should be chosen appropriately or else you can end up being awkward or embarrassed in a gathering that you surely don’t want. Dressing up for the occasion is all about carrying yourself appropriately and according to the suitability of the event. The appropriate dressing will show your respect for the occasion and the people around you.

Whether its formal or semi-formal event, dressing up is all that women want to do. The options are endless regarding special occasions, and women always find adorning ways to carry their style. However, you must be very certain while choosing the right dress for your occasion as wearing mini skirt or shorts wouldn’t be a good idea while attending the wedding and showing up in a fancy gown for a football match would seem quite silly.

Let’s debunk some dressing styles perfectly suitable for special occasions that could be very helpful for you in choosing the right one:

Cocktail party

A cocktail party is all about a social gathering where people come and cherish moments having a decent chit chat. This party calls out for a decent semi-formal cocktail dress that could be about the length of your knee and is very classy. Cocktail dresses are all about short dresses that knows a fine line between being vulgar or looking sexy. Black cocktail attire looks super chic with the addition of a little frill paired with some decent accessories according to your style statement.

Wedding occasion

Dressing up for a wedding occasion should be chosen wisely. If it is a theme based wedding as selected by the bride and groom, go for that particular style. But if you are not sure about any theme, go for your best gown whether it’s of knee-length or a long gown, choose the best one you have. You can accessorize your gown accordingly for the event. The mermaid style silhouette women dresses can look perfectly elegant for an evening wedding. If you are attending a courtyard wedding,semi-formal dress such as a tea-length dress can look quite classic.

A formal dinner party

This special occasion is all about to get together of friends and family with the addition of a little glitz and glamour. Wiser advice for the dress code would be much appreciative. However, if you are not certain of any particular dress code, there are still endless options to pursue. Lace dresses, one-shoulder dress, pencil dress could be the perfect special occasion dresses to complement your entire formal look. You can even look flawless in a ballgown and make the whole room go wow for your look.

The very first date

This is definitely a special occasion you surely want to embrace with your best possible appearance. It is all about leaving the finest impression on your date, and you surely don’t want to miss that. However, this special occasion should be all about dressing up to show the real you! Don’t go hard on yourself, or else you will end up in a total mess. It’s a better idea to dress up casually that defines your personality and don’t try to put some extra glam on your attire. A simple floral casual dress or a t-shirt dress paired with denim could never go wrong.

Birthdays, barbeque or a family get together

These special occasions call out for a casual code dressing and get comfortable in your own skin. Don’t opt for heavy gowns or shimmery attires as it may overdo your entire look. Wear a pretty casual top paired with skirt or pants, a sundress, tea-length dresses or a mini dress to make all the head turn around!

A business party

The mantra for a business party is all about being dressed smartly with elegance and keeping it professional. The dress should not be too provocative or seducing for a business dinner as it may spoil your entire look. Try to keep it minimalistic yet stylish by dressing up with a skirt and a decent blouse or wearing dress pant. Sheath dress that has a straight cut without a visible seam can also be a classy option when it comes to a business party. It has a length around the knees or slightly above it and can be a spectacular way of showing curves smartly and be on the limelight.

A religious ceremony

You have to be very careful while choosing the outfit for religious ceremonies. It would be better to double-check if you are carrying the appropriate attire for the event. A religious ceremony is expected to be conservative, and hence mini skirtsor sexy attire could go totally wrong, no matter how well they suit you. Clingy or low-cut outfits can be really offending for such events. It’s better to opt for long skirts below the knee and cardigans etc.

A night out with colleagues or friends

To stand out in the crowd and have a perfect night out, your attire should be flawless too. Bodycon dresses can be an ideal choice for a night out and can flaunt the beautiful curves of your body. They are made up of stretching material and can be perfect for women with an hourglass figure.

A prom night

Every woman wants to look the best version of her at prom night and stun everybody around her. Choose the most elegant dress in your wardrobe and try to go for the colors that suit you the most.Prom night is all about classy gowns such as ballgowns and mermaid silhouette dresses that flares beautifully. You can make the whole room go WOW over your stunning look, and you will be adorned by many out there. Opt for broad neck, off shoulder and sheer-necklines for this special occasion dress and make this night most memorable with your mesmerizing looks.

Whatever special occasion is, don’t forget to choose a frustration-free women dresses that make you feel comfortable. Trying hard on your outfit can sometimes make an effort go in vain as it might make your appearance clumsy. Avoid overdoing your attire and try to reflect positive vibes through your comfortable dressing that make you stand out in the crowd!

Casual clothes

Casual clothes


Casual wear is a dress code that emphasizes ones comfort rather than emphasizing the formal part. The word “casual” itself refers to relaxed, or to say “informal” in a sense. It is an “anything goes” kind of a dressing that allows a person to feel relaxed and loosen him/herself up while not thinking about the tight coats or shirts or the high heels. The key lies in finding the right balance between comfort and style.

Casual wearing was mostly influenced by a good deal of athletic gear such as jogging trousers, running shoes, etc. and gained popularity by the end of the 20th century because of the popularity of spectacular sports during that time. They are available for all generations, age, and gender, from a teenager to casual clothes for a 60-year-old woman.

For men, it includes a wide variety of Sportcoat, blazer, jeans, and a T-Shirt. While casual clothes for women include hoops, a skirt which is now being replaced by trousers. Jewelry, on the other hand, is still in the business is practiced by many women and now even a few men.

The first rule to casual dressing is that there are no rules at all. You need to feel comfortable and have that balance between comfort and style.Casual clothes are not limited to any age, they are made to be enjoyed by every age, and specially designed for you to kill the heat which is approaching during this summer.

Casual Clothes selection for Men to Wear:

There are a number of things to consider when trying to follow the trend. Firstly you have to pay attention to the fit, remember the fit doesn’t need to be too skinny fit, it just has to be fit “enough.” Secondly, know what you are comfortable with and wear that.  Third, keep it simple and low key, because minimal style is not necessarily out of fashion, rather, it looks really good and enhances one’s personality. Fourth, keep the details of your outfit checked. Like wearing a denim jeans and Tshirt combination which are a very popular yet very pleasing dress code.Lastly, don’t get too much influenced and moved by trend. Just adopt one thing from a new trend and try to keep the rest classic, for example; why not carry a good shoulder bag and keep the rest of your outfit classic.

Casual pieces of clothing, which are a must for any men to have, include the very popular Denim Jeans. They are the backbone of casual wardrobe since the 1950s and easily form the basis of numerous casual outfits. Only until recently, many brands have been using the highquality raw denim and putting them together with vintage looms, which increases the price a bit but at the same time, improving the quality, so as you can easily enjoy a pair of jeans that will last decade.

T-Shirts today can be worn by almost anything. There are many variations, to begin with. Searching for good quality cotton, try Uniqlo’scotton, which is both good and affordable. For making a point difference, go for a thin Breton shirt which, because of its cooling fabric,is a summer essential.

The sneaker market is an ever growing place, with a future ever so bright. They have exploded in recent years and play not only an important role on the track but also the streets.  Whether it is the Nike trainers, Adidas, or any other brand; they are becoming popular with no bars to hold them. The reason for that, being there, versatile nature and comfortable design.

Lightweight jackets, whether a denim tucker or a bomber jacket, can add plenty of looks to any outfit. Denim tucker has been favored by many and has become a style icon. The bomber jacket is also an adaptable staple, as a classically shaped bomber can last a lifetime. Whatever you choose from, investing in something that can be worn for years and years to come is worthwhile to do. 

Backpacks were considered a rather “odd things” to carry for people other than students. Just recently, the bags have grown in style, and now they to serve as defining a person’s style. Not only that they also havemany functional qualities that make them in line with men’s casual dressing. A leather bag is naturally the most luxurious and pleasing to the eye, but at the same time, cotton canvas provides a more classic and robust look. It all comes down to personal preferences.

Casual Clothes Selection for Women:

When it comes to casual clothing for women, from getting casual clothes for an interview to getting casual clothes for parties, there are almost limitless options and things to wear. Dressing casual is very easy,and with just a couple of tips, you can rock any dress according to your will. And with being a woman, comes the added advantage of adding jewelry to enhance one’s outfit and make them look apart from the others. From tops to stylish yet simple bangles, there are many manyoptions to choose from and never get tired of them.

When talking about dressing casually in business, many companies now a day are ditching the traditional business clothes and turning towards more casual and relaxed dressings. While the employees are still expected to wear a black suit, the more semiprofessional people have the freedom to wear relaxed versions. For women, dresses which do not show a lot of skin, like skirt not above knee lengths and loose fitting shirts for the summers are pretty acceptable. Some even allow wearingjeans and sneakers to work.

Business casual, whether it be business casual women clothes or men, they include almost everything except jeans, tennis shoes, tight or short shirts, Tshirts, and sweatshirts. Some may allow jewelry to work.

When walking down the streets, whether it be another trip to the mall, an empty walk to the park or going down the bookstore to scroll through some books, women have a variety of options. From skinny to baggy jeans, sneakers to chic flats, fitted short to long sleeve, long baggy tops to tank tops, all are in the business. 

When we talk about parties, it is not necessary to wear short or cocktail dresses, but rather wearing something that makes you feel comfortable and helps you to be yourself is what’s important. It can be long shirts to lose jeans, whatever you feel comfortable with. 

The casual dressing gives women to be fashionable and comfortable. It allows you to dress up quickly rather than taking up your valuable time, and still be the center of attention and look amazing at the same time. She can wear this dress any wear, from formal setting to any informal event as mentioned previously. Time frame, when to wear, does not apply when selecting a casual dress, because there are almost limitless options to opt from when being a woman. In fall and winter, women tend to opt for casual boots and jeans, while in spring and summer, women bring out the flip flops, sandals, short shirts, and shorts to kill the heat.

Modern Day clothing:

Now a day, in today’s modern world, online dress choices have made our life so much easier. With a few simple clicks, you can just order whichever dress you like to wear, and are comfortable in wearing. With thousands of options available now, anyone can wear whatever their hearts desire. Good casual clothes are a thing of past now; modern day fabric has made them the best casual clothes with very comfortable fabric and sleek, elegant and stylish look.

There is now another popular thing called, “Smart Casual Wear” which generally includes the Western dress code but with additional components of a lounge suit from traditional informal wear.  

When talking about casual clothes, how can we not talk about “Casual Fridays”? It is another Western dress code trend, but originally originated in Hawaii (under the name Aloha Friday), popularized in the late 20th century, in which some business offices relax their dress code on Fridays, from their tight black suits and ties to their simple Polo Tshirts and Jeans. For Women, it goes from black suites to long knee length skirts and baggy shirts. 

Conclusion :

Casusal dressing, no matter where it’s originating roots belongs to, will always be a staple in one’s closet. It is loved and admired by everyone, from a young teenager trying to fit in the trend while still killing the scorching heat, to a 60-year-old, trying to feel young and energizedagain. Casual clothes are something that should be popularized and used more often by everyone and should be used as a tool for everyday life. 

Nowadays you can see everyone wearing them as they are important and if one doesn’t have them, they should immediately go and get some as the approaching heat makes it even more difficult for us to wear our everyday tight fitted office clothes.

How to know my size

Choose the right size on my site:

When someone is about to buy clothes from an online store, the main concern is to get the right fit dress for your body. If the dress fits according to your body measurement, then you may be in trouble and wasted the money. One can send outfit back for an exchange, but it is not possible when you are lacking time for completing the exchange process. It is essential to check for size chart or guide carefully before selecting your size. 

Queenofdresses.com is the best site to shop online from dresses from formal to casual. If you are buying first time from queenofdresses.com, then wait because they offer two ways to choose your size. In this article, we will eleborateboth ways in details, so there remains no confusion for the customers while choosing a size. 

Few basic steps that lead towards both size selecting ways:

• Go to the web & type queenofdresses.com; or click on this link and you will be redirect to the main website. 

• Select your favorite category of dress, click on dress item you want to purchase and another page will open. 

• This page will allow a person to choose certain options, add to cart the product and buy it. Here you will find the size chart as well. 

The first way to buying an outfit:

When it comes to select a size, you will find the option of S, M, L, and XL and so on. Right under these options, there will be a line stating “size chart.” 

• Click on the size chart, and a detail size chart will be open.

• The size chart will give you dual option to measure your size in inches or centimeters, in which you are comfortable the most. 

• First see whether you wear size S, L or any else, then find out the measurement in the rows of your specified size. 

• Confirm your waist, bust, and length measurements with the chart to confirm your size. 

• To measure the shirt length, lay down your perfect size shirt on the flat surface or bed. Take measuring tape and measure from the middle of the back neckline to the straight way down to the bottom. 

• Chest size plays an essential part in size measurement. Hold the measuring tape in your hands, crossing over your chest from back to front and note the size in inches/cm. 

• To measure sleeve length, put your shirt down on a flat surface, measure the size from shoulder to end. End of sleeves is different for different outfits because it may be a quarter sleeve, half sleeves or full sleeves. Also, measure the outer edge for perfect fitness. 

The second way to measure your size:

To note your body measurements again repeat the steps mentioned above and click on the size chart. However, remember that for each dress measurement procedure is different. One cannot apply the same measurements for all type of dresses. For example for skirts and mini dresses, one needs more fitting so the measurement should be according to the tight fit. In contrast, when it comes to long dress with the flow, there is no need to measure the hip size. 

Queenofdresses.com second way to measure your size is for those dresses which are tight on the hips, so one need to mention their hip size as well. In a second way, you will calculate your size and write in the space, instead of matching it with the chart. Here is the way to calculate your size for sexy or club dresses. 

• First, choose the unit in which you want to calculate your size, i.e., inches or centimeters. 

• With the help of measuring tape, measure your bust size by crossing it all over your bust. 

• The next column is to mention your waist measurements for the calculation. 

• The other two essential things to calculate is HIGH HIP AND LOW HIP size. For high hip measurement, put your measuring tape at the top of your hip curve. For measuring the size of the low hip, the measuring should be taken below the hip to get the best-fitted size. 

• Once you are done with putting your size in each blank column, you will see a calculation chart below elaborating each measurement and your perfect size. You will see the indicators of tight and loose and an arrow that moves between the lines to show from where your size is tight, loose or just perfect. In the end, it will give preferred sizes that can go with your body measurements. 

Essential note:

• Whenever it comes to size selection, never select the size according to your assumptions. Always measure the size accurately and say good-bye to guesses. 

• There may be some difference in measurements of about 2 to 3 cm due to manual taking measures. 

So which method you like the most to apply on queenofdresses.com ?

Boho Chic

Boho Chic

Term ‘Boho’ is the short form of word Bohemian which is used to refer to the lifestyle, culture and now ideology of the hippies of 1960s and 1970s. Initially, the term was limited to 60s and 70s but now is often used for the Pre-raphaelite women of the 19th century.

When we talk about the boho style, we are actually talking about bell bottoms, long flowing skirts, long dresses, loose hair, peasant blouses, crazy prints, bright colors, beads, jewels, fringes and so much more! The whole look and style are colorful, vibrant, and attractive. Even though the complete boho look is still relevant, and popular, most commonly the boho look appears to influence the final look nowadays. Many of the pants, skirts, dresses, blouses, and tops are influenced by the boho style.

Boho style is still one of the most trending styles around the globe which is why it is an important part of the fashion world and fashion brands. The boho style influences several pieces of clothes which include pants, skirts, dresses, even accessories, and jewelry.

Few of the significant elements of Boho style include:

  • Boho dresses often are made up of material such as linen, velvet, chiffon, silk, fur, suede, leather, and denim. 
  • The boho dresses are mainly comfort-oriented
  • The dresses are mostly made more attractive with the use of heavy accessories which include bracelets, sunglasses, necklaces, earrings, jewels, and headbands.
  • They are usually made attractive with the use of crazy and wild prints and patterns on warm colors and natural tones.
  • The dresses are mostly inspired by floral patterns, prints, checks, ethnic designs, and everything else that is loud.
  • Even the dresses are mostly inspired by high-waisted designs.
  • Even if the boho dress is combined with other garments that must not exceed the limit of four especially if the garments added are attractive and catchy.

Basic types of looks created by using boho style dresses

For boho styles dresses, the earthy tones are the fundamental colors that one needs to work with. The perfect boho look is always inspired by the warm shades. The boho looks involving dresses can be divided into three different categories.

  • For an elegant boho look, the dress mainly is made of materials such as mohair, velvet, and knitwear. Jacquard prints are one of the most common prints to be used when working for an elegant and classy look.
  • For a romantic look, long dresses are made of soft and weightless fabrics. The most preferred materials for romantics looks are chiffon and lace. These materials are further complemented with floral designs and decorations, ribbons and even bows. They tend to add a more romantic and dreamy touch to the overall look. The boho romantic dresses are slightly inclined towards vintage looks.
  • Another look using boho style dresses has to be a hippie look. This look merges both the boho style and the hippie style. Not only the styles but the ideologies and cultures are also merged together. The final product usually encompasses both subtle warm tones with vibrant colors and prints. The overall look gives a very girly vibe

Boho Style: Inspired by Folk, Military, and Gypsy

Apart from original boho dresses, sometimes the dresses can be seen to be inspired by folk, military, and gypsy designs and garments. Despite being influenced by various other cultures, the dresses produced are original creating boho looks.

The boho style dresses are not replicas of any other form of style and look but they are always original, individual, and creative. The accessories are always included as the main source of giving the extra edge to the look.

The boho dresses have their own unique characteristic i.e use of multi-layers of fabrics. These multi-layered dresses are mostly topped with over-sized knitted sweaters and a variety of attractive accessories. To make the entire dress and look more catchy, bright handbags are used.

Another distinguishing aspect of boho dresses has to be the color palette. Boho dresses have always unusual color palettes, prints, and patterns to offer to give the final product a very unexpected and unique tone combination. The boho dresses tend to combine both neutral, warm shades with bright catchy colors. This combining of two extremes gives a very weightless and soft look to the entire dress.

How to incorporate boho style into your wardrobe?

IS this the question you are worried about? The easiest way you can incorporate the boho look into your wardrobe is of course through maxi dresses and even maxi skirts. The maxi skirts can be worn with crochet tops, lace tops, oversized knitted sweaters, t-shirts.

Modern Adaptation of Boho Style

Boho style, despite having a rich history, is a form of individual expression in today’s modern world. Many fashion magazines such as Sunday Times published a list of celebrities who are wear clothing inspired by boho style. Few of the mentioned celebrities included Sienna Miller and Poppy Delivgne. They are often seen wearing maxi dresses and ruffle skirts in the hope of looking bohemian. The boho style tends to showcase a very nomadic look on these celebrities which they usually aim for.

Boho style dresses have never been out of fashion. They have managed to surpass time, class, race, ethnicity, color, and fashion in order to provide women the freedom, independence, and aggression they have always worked for. They provide women the freedom of picking their favorite boho elements and mixing them together in order to create a unique piece which represents their personality and the image they want to present.


Boho style gives women the freedom they wish for. It allows them to be free, diverse, and delicate at the same time. Boho dresses, despite years old, still have managed to make it to the 21st century due to their uniqueness and diversity which is why they have adopted by not only the lower class but also the famous celebrities. Not only boho dresses but each and every clothing piece which represents bohemian style has always managed to become a style statement.